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MISSION: Four Parts of the Global Process


GE establishes partnerships to invest in those communities. Having discovered the needs in the people group, we develop relationships with socially responsible, civic minded individuals from the national and international community and connect them with the tribal community, providing resources to meet pressing needs in the indigenous people group.


GE and its partners empower communities within the people group. We combine the resources of expat organizations, the national business community, and the indigenous people themselves, to give the tribal community the power to thrive.

We provide life and livelihood, build capacity, and promote social responsibility, choosing to empower rather than enable. 


GE engages other overlooked people groups by partnering with newly empowered communities. We build motivation and develop competence to send them into an overlooked people group nearby. We encourage men and women from all walks of life to respond to the needs of overlooked communities around them. We continue to accompany them as they reach out. No project will be an end in itself - groups that we help will help others as well.


GE evaluates existing communities among people groups that have often been overlooked by the society that surrounds them. We go to a village and meet with individual representatives and leaders from the indigenous community during a weeklong consultation geared to discover the resources the community has, and what still needs to be done, to finish the work of Life and Livelihood building.

MISSION: Four Parts of the Global Process