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Global Empowerment is an organization that exists to bring life and livelihood to hidden people groups around the planet. Tribal people around the world are among the most intuitive and adaptable people on earth. They live in some of the most remote places and yet manage to thrive.

Unfortunately, their world is rapidly shrinking. They are being forced from their land and often prevented from feeding their families. In many places around the world fathers and mothers awake each morning uncertain of where supper will come from that night. Some groups face hungry seasons during part of the year, some live with hunger all year long.

Through a coordinated effort combining a market driven business approach with a humanitarian aid approach, Global Empowerment seeks to empower - rather than enable - these tribal people groups to sustain themselves. We give immediate help through our aid programs, enabling them to put food on their tables. We also give long-term help by empowering them through business to support their future. We give them a fish and teach them to fish.

Bringing life and livelihood to

hidden people groups around the planet


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